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Football, Assault, Race and Sex

To the chagrin of some Seminole fans, articles about De’Andre Johnson’s assault of a female at a bar can be found all over the Internet right now. Regardless, of where you stand on this issue, it is a great example of how the law, sports, sex, race and culture intersect.

This story is also interesting because our conception of what “actually” happened can┬áchange based on the alleged explanations being purported, and people’s responses to those alleged explanations. If we think this article is about race, sex, privileged athletes, or something else entirely, it changes what we see in the video.

From the video, though, it appears there were assaults on both sides (though perhaps not all the assaults were equal).


Whether one is disgusted by Mr. Johnson’s attorney, feels he is doing what he has to do for his client, or totally unimpressed by his explanation of his client’s behavior, Mr. Johnson’s attorney has shaped the dialogue surrounding his client’s actions.

Every attorney must be acutely┬ábe aware of how their actions and their statements about their client contribute to a jury’s perception of “what actually happened.” The things you say, and the things you don’t say help shape what a jury may feel about your client and what “actually happened.” In choosing an attorney, these are some of the most important considerations that most people never think about.


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