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Is this YOUR Insurance Company?

Do you have UM coverage on your auto policy? Every policy issued in Florida MUST be issued with Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist coverage; you must sign a waiver to reject it and most people reject. UM covers you when you’re in an accident caused by a vehicle that either has no insurance or has less than the amount that will cover you for your injuries. It’s a great coverage to have and people wish they never waived it when they inevitably get hit by an uninsured driver. And in Florida, that happens ALL the time.

My client has UM coverage. And I’m suing her insurance company. She dutifully paid her premium for years then was hit hard by an uninsured driver. Although by law her insurer has a duty to her and must refrain from looking out for its own best interest (not paying claims), it refuses to believe she was not at fault, even after the uninsured driver admitted he was at fault!

Not only has my client’s auto insurer refused to believe its insured, it is moving to have the uninsured driver’s admissions that he was at fault stricken from the record! So after years of paying premiums, my client’s auto insurer is ignoring her to take up the defense of some uninsured driver that it has never met. Even though this uninsured driver already has an attorney! And the reason the insurer is doing this is because the police issued my client a ticket that was subsequently dropped. At least, that’s what the insurer’s attorneys are suggesting their reasons are.

I’m not saying every insurer treats every claim this way. But I am saying that over time there will inevitably be insurance companies that for some reason believe they are going to be the detective that unmasks what they believe is the crime of the century. But 9 times out of 10, the only crime is the injured old lady’s suffering who cannot get treatment without money from the insurance policy that her insurance company refuses to honor. Premiums paid for years, but when the time comes to honor the claim, the insurer fights on behalf of some stranger. Is this your insurance company?

These are the fights I love to fight. In some way, shape or form, this is all of our insurance companies. If you need help negotiating a claim with your insurance company, call me any time.

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