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Traffic Accidents

Every year south Florida’s roads and highways become more congested with traffic from people from different states, countries and backgrounds. This, unfortunately, is a recipe for car accidents and personal injuries of all types, including broken bones, neck, head and brain trauma, soft tissue injuries and even death.

Attorneys at A. Chiarello Legal, PA, are keenly aware that pedestrians, cyclist, drivers, passengers and owners of motor vehicles are all entitled to different legal statuses under the law. Regardless of what type of motor vehicle accident you have been in, we will fight for your recovery.

Our lawyers are experienced in dealing with Florida’s labyrinthine system of PIP (Personal Injury Protection) laws, and archaic system of motor vehicle insurance laws. We know how these laws frequently conspire against victims of motor vehicle accidents, and we will use our knowledge to guide you through this system to the best possible award for your personal injuries.

Insurance companies employ armies of adjusters, managers and attorneys precisely to prevent you from recovering for your injuries. Attorneys at A. Chiarello Legal, PA, know how to cut through these armies to protect our clients’ rights. We are here for you.

Attorneys at A. Chiarello Legal, PA, are also aware that, along with a few other areas of law, injuries from these types of accidents lend themselves to “punitive damages” claims against the party who caused the injury. A “punitive damages” claim is a type of claim added onto your personal injury claim to deter similar future behavior. This type of claim can increase your overall recovery, but is only allowed under specific circumstances.

Accidents where alcohol was a contributing factor, or accidents where a pedestrian or cyclist are injured should always be carefully considered for punitive damage claims.

This area of practice includes: Automobile Accidents, Bus Accidents, Car Wrecks, Dangerous Roadways, Cycling Accidents, Drunk Driving Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents, Pedestrian Accidents, Truck Accidents, Vehicle Rollover Accidents