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Burn Injuries

Burn injuries result from contact with chemicals, electricity, radiation or heat (from liquid, fire, or other objects). Often burn injuries are the result of landscaping or construction incidents where electrical lines are unknowingly cut, contacted or “hot.” Burns also frequently result from contact with hot spilled liquids and, of course, fire.

Sometimes the most serious burns are the least painful because they can burn away the nerves that inform our body that we are in pain. Anyone suffering a serious burn should contact immediate medical attention; our skin is our largest organ, and serious burns are always life threatening.

Attorneys at A. Chiarello Legal, PA, have extensive experience with burns stemming from all types of accidents. Burns are particularly difficult for our clients as part of their damages is permanent scarring. In addition to securing a recovery for these permanent injuries, we will always treat you and your loved ones with the compassion that they deserve.

This is also an area where punitive damages may be recovered – especially when the burns result from electricity or radiation. A “punitive damages” claim is a type of claim added onto your personal injury claim to deter similar future behavior. This type of claim can increase your overall recovery, but is only allowed under specific circumstances.

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