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Head, Brain, Spinal Cord Injury

Injures to the head, brain, and spinal cord are among the most serious and permanent of all injuries. Because these types of injuries involve soft tissues and organs, they often are the most difficult to prove the full extent of the injury. It can also be difficult to show the full impact that these injuries have on the life of the victim. Attorneys at A. Chiarello Legal, PA, are prepared to show just how emotionally traumatic and disruptive these types of injuries can be. We are also prepared to show the type of financial losses victims with these injuries will incur over their lifetimes.
Concomitant with helping our clients with head, brain and spinal cord injuries is treating them and their families with the compassion to suit the difficulties they are dealing with. If you or a loved one has suffered a head, brain and spinal cord injury, contact our office immediately for a free consultation.

We will aggressively fight for you and your family’s rights to secure the recovery you are entitled to.