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Medical Malpractice, Hospital Injuries, Birth Injuries

Personal injuries caused by health care providers as a result of their failure to provide the due care required to patients by their profession can result in medical malpractice claims. These claims typically are regulated by a specific area of Florida law that favors the medical provider – but not every injury suffered in a hospital or a doctor’s office must be litigated under these laws.

Attorneys at A. Chiarello Legal, PA, are familiar with the laws regarding medical malpractice claims and injuries suffered at health care providers’ offices or hospitals. We will fight to level a playing field which is already tilted in favor of the medical provider because of their social prestige and the Florida laws that protect them. Contact an attorney now for a free consultation if you or someone you love has been injured in the context of being provided with medical services.

Examples of potential medical malpractice claims can stem from any of the following – this is not an exhaustive list:

Birth Injuries

Delays in Diagnosis

Facility Policies Leading to Illness or Injury

Failure to Asses Drug Interactions

Failure to Follow-Up

Failure to Prescribe Diagnostic Tests

Improper Supervision of Personnel

Incorrect Dose

Incorrect Prescription

Misdiagnoses of Pathology

Misinterpretation of Diagnostic Tests

Surgical Mistake – Unnecessary Operation/ Operation on Wrong Body Part