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Nursing Home Abuse / Neglect

Florida law regulates nursing homes, but injuries from nursing home abuse and nursing home neglect nonetheless abound in Florida. This is particularly disturbing because nursing homes are specifically relied on to provide specialized care to loved ones. Because of this, residents of Florida nursing homes have specific rights that cannot be abrogated.

Nursing home abuse and neglect are areas where punitive damages may be recovered. A “punitive damages” claim is a type of claim added onto your personal injury claim to deter similar future behavior. This type of claim can increase your overall recovery, but is only allowed under specific circumstances.

If you or someone you care about is suffering nursing home abuse or neglect, please contact our offices immediately. Our attorneys will fight for the rights of your loved ones and we will aggressively work to secure the award you and your family are entitled to. As always, we will also treat you and your family members with the compassion and respect that they deserve.

Nursing home neglect and abuse are often difficult to discern. The following are signs indicative of nursing home abuse or neglect – this is not an exhaustive list:

Bed Sores

Blood Stains

Broken Bones

Bruising, Cuts, Abrasions

Change in Personality





Injury from Other Resident

Injury from Staff

Injury or death After Resident Wanders off Facility

Melancholy/ Withdrawn

Money Disappearing

Personal Items Disappearing

Refusal or Delays in Visitations

Resident Heavily Medicated

Restricted Access to Patient or Facility


Sexual Flirtations or Exploitation

Sudden Weight Loss

Torn Clothing

Unexpected Death

Unexpected ER Visits

Unexpected Hospital Visits

Unexpected Injuries

Unsanitary Living Conditions