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Product Liability, Defective Product

You have the right to safe and effective products. Unfortunately, every year defective products cause myriad serious injuries – and even death – to unsuspecting victims throughout the United States and Florida. This is particularly tragic when the victims are children.

Generally, there are three categories of defective products. Products with manufacturing defects are designed properly, but manufactured in a way that makes them unsafe. Products with design defects are unsafe by their very design. Lastly, some products are designed and manufactured to be safe, but must have specific instructions and warnings in order to be used safely.

In a products liability case, any entity in the chain of commerce may be held responsible for the injury that the product has caused. This potentially includes the designer, manufacturer, supplier and/ or retailer. Attorneys at A. Chiarello Legal, PA are prepared to show not only that the product is defective, but that the defect specifically and directly caused the injury to the victim.

Because products liability cases can have sweeping consequences for the manufacturer and retailer of a defective products, these cases tend to be highly contested. They also can produce some of the largest jury verdicts and settlements. Contact our attorneys now for a free consultation and your first step towards recovery.

Just about any product in the stream of commerce can be defective and cause injury. Although this is not an exhaustive list, defective products can be related to any of the following:

Airbag Injuries

Airline Crashes

Boating Accidents

Child Safety Seat Injuries

Children’s Toy and Furniture Injuries

Chinese Products

Construction Injuries

Dangerous Drugs

Defective Guardrails

Heavy Equipment Injuries

Medical Devices

Motor Vehicle Accidents/ Rollovers