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Wrongful Death

The unexpected loss of a loved one is one of the most difficult and trying times of you and your loved one’s lives. Sadness, depression, disbelief, frustration and anger are a natural part of the grieving process. These feelings are substantially intensified, however, when the loss was caused by another’s wrongdoing.

The attorneys at A. Chiarello Legal, PA, understand that your thoughts are on the loss of your loved one and your family – the last thing on your mind is filing a wrongful death lawsuit. A wrongful death lawsuit, however, will help you receive the closure and financial compensation to which you and your family are entitled. We will fight for you and your family’s rights, and we will be compassionate during such a difficult time.

The heirs of the decedent may file a wrongful death lawsuit in the event of a wrongful death. While no amount of financial payment can compensate for the loss of a loved one, being financially secure in your future and the comfort of responsible parties being brought to justice can provide a sense of closure and security to survivors. Wrongful death awards can also be used to help set up charities and memorials in the honor of the deceased that would not otherwise be possible.

Factors that courts may consider when determining damages in a wrongful death suit may include:

Financial Dependency of Decedent’s Survivors

Income of the Decedent

Loss of Decedent’s Companionship

Medical and Funeral Expenses Incurred by Survivors

Pain and Suffering

Of course, attorneys at A. Chiarello Legal, PA, are sensitive to the seriousness of your loss. With our firm you will always be treated with the compassion and respect you are entitled to. Contact our office immediately for a free consultation so we may begin fighting for you and your family’s rights today.