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Premises Liability

Property owners have a duty to make their property safe for anyone invited onto their property. Personal injuries caused on public or private property are perhaps the broadest range of cases, and we call these “premises liability” injuries.

Every year thousands of innocent people receive injuries at grocery and department stores, bars and restaurants, hospitals, private homes, parking lots, storage facilities, amusement parks, movie theaters and at every other kind of premises. In fact, without these suits – and the threat of additional suits – many of the facilities Floridians spend time at would not invest in improvements that safeguard your safety. Unfortunately, many injuries could be prevented if steps were undertaken to fix many potential dangerous conditions.

Premises liability cases run the gamut from slip and fall accidents, injuries caused by “dangerous conditions,” injuries from construction or heavy machinery incidents, and even physical violence such as gun shots, stabbings, and even rapes. Although each of these types of accidents are prosecuted differently, the attorneys at A. Chiarello Legal, PA, know how to negotiate, litigate and secure you the recovery you are entitled to, always using the specific facts of your accident against the insurance companies defending against your claims.

We also understand the impact that your injuries have on your entire life. At our firm, you will always be treated with the compassion you deserve.

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Also includes: Airport Accidents, Amusement Park Accidents, Construction Accidents, Department Store Accidents, Cruise Ship Injuries, Grocery Store Accidents, Heavy Machinery Accidents, Moving Accidents, Inadequate/Negligent Security, Resort Injuries/Vacation Injuries, Swimming Pool Accident, Theme Park Injuries, Restaurant/ Bar Injuries